Upload the data from your SnapperGPS receiver after a completed deployment

Did you know that this site works offline, too? You can transfer data from your SnapperGPS receiver to your computer in the field. (If you do not clear your browser cache.)
Connect your SnapperGPS receiver via USB. If you used SnapperGPS before, then you can see some information from your SnapperGPS receiver below. Otherwise, click Pair receiver and select your SnapperGPS receiver from the list.
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You have the option to transfer the raw data from your SnapperGPS receiver to your device. You can upload it to our server later, which then calculates the track. However, if you have an internet connection, then you most likely want to skip this step and upload your data immediately.
0 snapshots transferred.
If you want to upload the data from your SnapperGPS receiver, then provide a rough location where the deployment started. Either select a location on the map or enter its latitude and longitude.
If your actual deployment began later than the receiver started to capture data, then provide a start date and time. Snapshots before the start date and after the end date will be excluded from processing. This speeds up processing, especially, if the receiver recorded its first data indoors. Additionally, if the first snapshots contain no or very few satellites, then this can harm the reliability of all subsequent estimates. Therefore, choose a start time that is likely to have a good view of the sky.
You can optionally provide an expected maximum velocity of your SnapperGPS receiver to improve outlier detection. This is the maximum average velocity during a recording interval. So, if your interval is 30 min and you do not expect your receiver to move more than 1 km in that time, then enter 2 km/h.
To be notified once our server is done with processing your data and calculating your track, you have three options:
  • Enter your e-mail address. We will only use it for this purpose.
  • Subscribe to our Telegram bot @SnapperGPSBot after you have uploaded your data.
  • Receive a push notification on this device.
Optionally, choose a nickname for your upload.
Choose if you want to upload data to the server that you saved earlier or if you want to directly upload data from a connected SnapperGPS receiver.
0 snapshots uploaded.