Configure your SnapperGPS receiver for your next deployment

Did you know that this site works offline, too? You can configure your SnapperGPS receiver in the field. (If you do not clear your browser cache.)
Connect your SnapperGPS receiver via USB. If you used SnapperGPS before, then you can see some information from your SnapperGPS receiver below. Otherwise, click Pair receiver and select your SnapperGPS receiver from the list.
Receiver ID: -
  • Time: -
  • Battery voltage: -
  • Firmware: -
  • Firmware version: -
  • Snapshot count: -
  • Status: -
If the firmware of your SnapperGPS receiver is not up to date, then consider updating it at this stage.
No firmware for update selected.
To start a new deployment, enter the desired time interval between two consecutive recordings in seconds or minutes.
Choose if you want to start your data collection at a certain point in time in the future or want to end it early. Otherwise, your SnapperGPS receiver will begin collecting data immediately and will run as long as its battery and memory last. Ensure that you record the first couple of snapshots outdoors with good sky visibility since SnapperGPS uses them to calibrate your receiver.
Configure your receiver now. Be aware that existing data will be erased.
No device connected.
If you changed your mind, then you can revert your configuration and order your receiver to go into a deep sleep mode after unplugging instead.