Privacy policy

  • The only user data that the SnapperGPS web app collects is data that users upload from a connected SnapperGPS receiver or from files via the upload view. This may include raw navigation satellite signal snapshots, measurement timestamps, battery voltage measurements, temperature measurements, a unique receiver ID, and an upload timestamp.
  • In addition, providing an email address or allowing push notifications on the upload view is optional.
  • The uploaded data is stored on servers of an external service provider (Heroku/AWS) in Ireland and then processed on servers of the University of Oxford in the UK.
  • No user data is disclosed to any third party.
  • Email and push notifications are optional and are only employed to notify users about the processing progress of their data.
  • To check which of your data we precisely hold or to have it deleted, please contact providing your unique upload ID and/or email address and/or receiver ID that is linked to the upload.
  • The SnapperGPS team is not responsible for content on linked third-party websites.
  • The SnapperGPS web app does not use any cookies, including third-party cookies.
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